Behind the Music

From a galaxy not too far away comes Project Qoria! A brand new hard hitting, in your face groove driven Numetal band that reinvents the classic hard rock formula and turns it into a whirlwind of heavy metal influenced tailspin.The debut LP from Project Qoria, entitled "Episode I: Arrival", is the epitome of what numetal should be, with right on the nose influences by the godfathers of the genre, Korn, but twisted into other top artists of the same caliber, like Marylin Manson, or Slipknot, with even traces of early System of a down, and Mudvayne.

Project Qoria is a character within itself, created by musician/producer/­former Resonate front man, Jake Packard, who wanted to create something unique and fun. Jake wanted to capture all aspects of the 5 person band line up and transform it into individual personalities and bring each personality to life.

On lead vocals, we have Dudeguy - A spastic, shy, anxious, and always on edge type of lifeform, who's experience with the US government has left him forever scarred.


On Guitar, Dred - Big brother to Dudeguy, and a monster on a 7 string, Dred’s low tone and heavy hitting riffs are only matched by his out of world eerie collaboration and effectiveness to his mastery.

Drums, Tot - A giant personality with wonder and amazement with the mentality of a 4 year old child. Tot is not only the most incredible drummer the band has ever heard, but is also responsible for the bands survival.

On Bass, Slim - A not so Slim, baritone screaming through his 5 string guitar, low, punchy, and destroyer of subwoofers around the universe. Slim is an extraterrestrial of few words, but speaks through his fingers.

Turntables, Noize - The founder of the group, Noizes digital sampling and ability to take his effects to the next level are what makes this group so special. Whether it's simple and subtle, or the main pull of the track, Noize does what he does best, Brings the Noize!

Performed, mixed, and produced by Jake Packard at Solitary Sound Studios in Kensington, NH, Jake grabs at the roots of what made this genre so interesting back in the early 2000's. Using his experience with passed visits in and out of music studios, combined with over 15 years performing all around the country, from big festivals to dive bars, from Boston, MA's Hempfest to LA, California’s Whiskey a GOGO, he used everything he'd learned on the road as a musician and compiled it with the studio life to turn it into what would be Project Qorias debut. All the while creating the characters who would take their place as the members of this extra-ordinary numetal band.




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